L.E.A.R.N. Program

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LEARN (Leaders Encouraging Advancements in Reading Now) is a program that will help bring excitement to third graders across Warren County.

United Way is in the process of organizing additional community advocates to visit the schools every 9 weeks to distribute books and read to the classes.  We believe that by showcasing a wide range of community advocates, who have a love for reading, we can make a lasting impression on the students and improve reading scores.  Once these students reach the 4th grade; we will measure the success of LEARN by the increase of students who test at grade level.

We need you to LIVE UNITED by volunteering to enter our schools to showcase your profession and share your love of reading throughout our community.

We would appreciate any amount of time that you can volunteer to our LEARN Program.  Please contact Shannon Royal @ 601.636.1733 for more information and to add your name to our list of volunteers.

What our volunteers are saying about their LEARN Experience.....

“The United Way of West Central Mississippi has put a great deal of thought into the LEARN Program.  As a volunteer, I’m excited to know that my actions target a vulnerable age group and that outcomes will be measured the following year.” -Laura Weeks, Owner, Lorelei Books

“It went well this morning. Looks like the book is a good one.  In my class the teacher passed out the book to the students and they read along with me.  I talked briefly about how important it is to read and how enjoyable reading is for me.   When I finished the chapter I mentioned how I wondered what other adventures would be next, and as I left the teacher had decided to go ahead and read the next chapter……. it went fine and I enjoyed it.” - Judge Jim Chaney, Circuit Court Judge, Ninth Judicial District

"I had a Blast!  The kids were very interactive.  After reading to them; they asked questions and we even played a few games.  I plan on going back to read and interact with the class, soon.  I even plan on getting them a pen pal.  It was a fun day!" - Karen Frederick

"I had a great time!  The kids asked great questions and seemed really interested in finishing the book to find out what happens. Let me know when I need to do it again!" - Barbara Hickman, May & Company

“I can read and talk about books all day…..It was fun.” – Donna Osburn, Kiwanis

“We are excited [to read to the 3rd graders]!!!  Thanks for the opportunity!!!” – Susie Calbert, Warren County Youth Court