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With just a few weeks, rather days, remaining in the United Way of West Central Mississippi’s 2018-2019 campaign, there is still plenty of work to be done, plenty of dollars yet to be raised.

“We are not quite where we need to be, yet, but the good news is that we have not hit the deadline, yet,” campaign chairperson Lynn Foley said. “There are still campaigns being run by some businesses and a few who will be running campaigns in February. But, with those campaigns, we still might not finish as strong as we would like.”

Beginning today the United Way is launching the “Final Fifty,” which is a five-week drive to generate $50,000 in campaign commitments that will go to continue to support the United Way’s 19 partner agencies and their programs.

Over the final five weeks, staff from the United Way and volunteers will be crisscrossing Vicksburg, thanking those individuals and small businesses who have already committed to this year’s campaign and asking others to join in.

“Not only is this a chance to thank those who have already committed and given, but to make sure we make the ask of everyone we possibly can,” United Way director Michele Connelly said. “We would hate to spend this time, spend this effort and come up just short or worse, miss out on telling the story of the United Way to someone in our community.”

The annual campaign ends Thursday, Feb. 28, which will fully establish just how much money can be allocated to dozens of programs aimed at helping those in the Warren, Claiborne, Issaquena, Sharkey and Yazoo counties, and Madison Parish.

“We have amazing partner agencies and the programs they are planning, or are already conducting, are improving the lives of thousands of people in Vicksburg and Warren County,” United Way board chairman Tim Reeves said. “Those programs, those agencies, those angels in our community need our support, need these funds. We in no way want to ever let them down.”

Over the next few weeks, you will be able to join with the United Way in celebrating those who have joined the campaign, by following the United Way of West Central Mississippi on Facebook. Like the photos we post and share those photos with your friends. Be a part of our team, our push.

For more information on the “Final Fifty” the United Way or our partner agencies, call the United Way office at 601-636-1733. Make a contribution right HERE

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